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Case Study
Cat on a Leash 
PetSmart came to us with an odd request: help sell cat leashes. But most people still see taking your cat out on a leash as a novelty; when they see a cat on a walk, they can't help but point and ask, "is that a cat on a leash?...." 
So, we wrote a comedy rap that asked just that, empowering cat moms and dads to take their own cat out on an adventure beyond their front door. 
Putting the song on TikTok and getting popular cat influencers to participate helped to normalize cat leashes and spread our message even further. (We're at 7.8 billion views and counting)
TVAdverts: PetSmart Commercial - Cat on a Leash


  • Production Company - AutoCinema (Mexico City)

  • Director - Eric Mejia

  • Creative Director - Marcela Angeles

  • ACD, Art Director - Susana Dueñas

  • ACD, Copywriter - Lindsay Kelly

  • Copywriters - Eric LeeKevin Alvarez

  • Art Directors - Andrew LopezPamela Castelan

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