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We Are All Investors | Robinhood
Broadcast | OOH | Social | Finance | Testimonial Interviews
Ferriss :30 | We are all Investors
Coming off the GameStop trading controversy, Robinhood needed to build back goodwill ahead of their IPO launch. We wanted to champion the new generation of investors who look differently, think differently, and invest differently than any generation before.
Forget Wall Street. Welcome to All Street. 
The 360 Integrated campaign included TV spots, long-form social video, and OOH.
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Isabelle :30 (Broadcast)
Ferriss' Investor Story (Social)
Each investor got a longer social piece where we dove into their background and motivations for investing to show that the stock market can truly be for anyone. 



  • Director – Aisha Amin

  • Creative Director – Stephen Wright

  • Senior Creative – Natalie Rojas

  • Senior Copywriter - Lindsay Kelly

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