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History of the World, Part II The Experience

Over 40 years after the original Mel Brooks movie, Hulu finally released the long-anticipated sequel, The History of the World Part II series. We were tasked with introducing the modern take of this classic sketch comedy to an audience that would appreciate the crass and offbeat humor – gamers. 


Through an interactive game for Xbox and web, we dropped users directly into the most misunderstood moments in history, from Noah’s Dog pArk to the Kamasouptra. Playing as characters from the show’s main cast, gamers punched, burped and humped their way through history, perfectly priming them for the raunchy and rambunctious show to come.

As the lead writer, I wrote the voiceover for the game and recorded with the show's comedy stars Wanda Sykes, Ike Barinholtz, Nick Kroll and even Mel Brooks himself. 



>6 minutes average gameplay

37K Sweepstakes entries 

417 PR placements within two weeks  


  • Creative Director - Patricio Berríos Lobos

  • Creative Director - Jeffrey Limon

  • Head of Art - Edouard Relou

  • ACD, Copywriter - Lindsay Kelly


                     FWA of the Day – 5.9.2023

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