Did you know the average person scrolls 300 feet of social media every day? That's the height of the Statue of Liberty! 
We challenged these adventure influencers to take out Honda's all-new rugged SUV, the Passport, to see what else they could do with 300 feet. The answer? Paraglide 300 feet in the air, climb 300 feet up a rock face, kayak 300 feet of rapids, and more.
  • ANA Driving Influence Award Winner 2020


  • Production Company – ROAM

  • Director - Chris Burkard

  • Art Director - Nathan Tamburello

Launch Video
Adventure Photographer Chris Burkard 300-ft Challenge
Kayaker Rafa Ortiz 300-ft Challenge
Climber Sasha DiGiulian Burkard 300-ft Challenge
Biker Joey Schusler 300-ft Challenge
Adventure Photographer Andy Mann 300-ft Challenge