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Boy Girl Party 
Immersive Play – Personal Project
You remember middle-school?
The stomach-churning, tear-jerking years of social awkwardness and peer pressure?
Well, welcome back. 
Because you're invited to Hannah's fourteenth birthday party. Her first boy girl party. And like any middle-school function, it'll be memorable in all the wrong ways.
I wrote this immersive play to explore these defining, coming-of-age years. Audiences were thrown directly into the story. As guests at the party, they participated in games, split up to explore different rooms of the house, and even got a taste of Hannah's birthday cake by the end. 
This play was a tricky one to write. Numerous scenes happened concurrently and audience choices could lead to multiple different endings. 
But the end result was an incredibly intentionally awkward production with a sold out run in December of 2017. 
Produced by Flat Tire Theatre Company.

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