Feet Sweaters
Socks with flip-flops are a fashion faux-pas, so Havaianas didn't make socks...
they made Feet Sweaters! And a full campaign that never let up on the joke to go along with them. Whatever they look like, they're NOT socks. We promise. 🤞

Teaser Phase:

Every good product launch starts with a focus group. Teasers on IG Stories and Twitter polled fans to see how they felt about socks and flip-flops, (Spoiler alert: they hated it)


Copywriter –Samantha Lara

Art Director – Bruna Andrade

We then used these "learnings" to introduce our new product...
NOTHING like socks and flip-flops, of course. 😜
Hero Social Video
Product Social Video
Lindsay Kelly
Copywriter | Playwright | Theatre Maker & Marketer
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