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Flat Tire Theatre Company  
Flat Tire Theatre is a young, LA-based theatre company that found out I knew Photoshop. Since joining five years ago, I've been moonlighting as a designer, helping establish the visual language of each show through its marketing materials. I've been a member of the board for a year, and even wrote and produced a play with them in 2017 called "Boy Girl Party.

"There is Evil in This House"  
For the world premiere of this transgender horror play, I created marketing materials that teased an unseen evil. 

Promo announcement for "There Is Evil in This House"
Sometimes home isn't as comfortable as you'd like it to be.
"The Twins of GillyGate"  
Angelic Renaissance portraits meet modern graffiti and raunch in these posters for our musical with similar tones.
Each cast member had a custom profile picture to promote on social media. 
"CringeFest: An Uncomfortable Anthology"  
The name for this play inspired show posters, profile pictures, and even audience member photos during the show run.
Each cast member had a custom profile picture to promote on social media. 
"Survival Check"  
The world of Dungeons & Dragons comes to life in this play, and this quick social video where we encouraged fans to find their class. 

"The Circle Table"  
With a nondescript title and vignette storytelling style, this coming-of-age play was a tricky one to market. People simply needed more information. So I created this video of the playwright giving his thoughts on the play's themes using only an hour of rehearsal footage. 
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