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Fit For Fun 
The redesigned Fit Sport is full of surprises, and so was the social campaign for this 2018 model launch. Across Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook, we found fun ways to break through the clutter to surprise our fans and show off the utility of this fun-sized Honda. 

Packing Up Emojis 
These videos ran between Snapchat and Instagram Stories, playing with the stickers and emojis people already use on the platforms. We created different versions to target different interests 


  • 2018 LA ADDYs Gold Winner - Social Media 
  • 2018 ThinkLA IDEA Awards Winner - Best Video Campaign


  • Director - JEAN 

  • Art Director - Nathan Tamburello

  • Copywriter - Lindsay Kelly

How many Fits can fit in the Fit? We explored this riddle by creating these videos that were made to loop, so the surprises never ended.
Surprisingly Fun Poems
These poems were released as Instagram stories. When fans tapped forward, they got one perspective. When they reached the end of the story, we encouraged them to tap backwards, for a point of view that was decidedly more fun (and more Fit).
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