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tmgs Crave-Venience Wear | ampm
Social | QSR | Comedy
ampm is a west coast convenience store, with a lovable snack food giant named Toomgis as their mascot.

We took over the social account in April, and came in swinging, with only one week to produce, we created an entire April Fools' campaign (with the help of AI) that brought together food and fashion in a way that was right in line with the unusual fashion culture of the day. 

Upset that he can’t fit into the mschf red boots or the Mario x Red Wing shoes, Toomgis decided to launch his own iconic streetwear, made of the very snacks ampm sells. 

It may be a c-store, but ampm has their super fans.
When we launched out countdown, fans marked their calendars. 
The full product line came to life in a series of drippy social pieces. 
On Sale:
Like all your favorite fashion brands, the pieces sold out as soon as they went on sale.

We even created a whole webpage to make the launch even more legit. And when the products "launched" we had a second webpage layout that showed all the products sold out as well. 


  • Creative Director – Michael Graham

  • ACD - Lindsay Kelly

  • Copywriter – Kevin Alvarez

  • Art Director – Carolina Urueta

  • AV/Editor – Héctor Tavera

Screenshot 2023-08-22 at 12.07.24 PM.png
The Reveal:
We kept in theme through the entire joke. Even our reveal post blamed Toomgis eating all the merch for the reason we had to discontinue the product line. 

Or did he? We are still in talks with ampm about how we could bring one or two of the pieces to life IRL. Fans wanted the pieces that bad. Stay tuned!
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