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Maestro Dobel Tequila 
While leading the Dobel creative team, I oversaw the launch of four new top-shelf tequilas from Dobel. 
I guided the creative team in creating a distinct look and feel for each new product, and shooting content for a phased rollout approach including teasers, launch films, and sustaining content.

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Dobel 50 Onora
This was a collaboration between Maestro Dobel Tequila and Studio Onora, an art studio in Mexico City that specializes in creating the traditional Mexican-style of amate art, and hand-painted an exclusive number of Dobel 50 bottle toppers. 
The social launch included teaser content, a hero film with an interview with the designer, and launch event coverage. 

Dobel 50 1967
To celebrate Juan Dobel's 50th birthday, Maestro Dobel released an ultra-premium tequila with a $950 price point. The rollout included teaser content, an aspirational launch film inspired by the innovations of the year 1967.